Ever since Nokia announced that the Store would no longer accept Symbian/Meego applications, the number of Asha/Java apps has flooded the place and has made finding apps for our devices more difficult.

Therefore, a new Store was badly needed. It now is available!

This is AppList, created by schumi1331, a great alternative to the ageing Nokia Store. The app is fluid and runs nice and downloading is fast and without interruptions. Each app is handpicked and the developer hopes to reach a number of 500. All of them are tested and are of high quality – most are written in Qt/QML.

There are games and apps, which are updated as soon as the developer releases a new patch. Each app has a description, screenshots and links towards the developer (email, Twitter, Facebook, webpage). The paid items must be purchased via the Nokia Store, but that’s all right.

The interface is similar to Nokia Store’s so that you can feel at home when using Applist. There even is an indicator telling you if there are updates available and you can add a widget to your home screen so that you don’t even have to open the app to check for updates.

However, there are greater improvements – you can toggle a dark or light theme to  improve visibility during the day and save battery at night, you can get a feed from All About Symbian, choose what languages you understand so that you can see the apps that you’re interested in, have AppList get you unsigned versions (which may have extra features) and choose the browser the links open with.

You can even access the Store online here: and see the latest apps that have been added. The site is clean and lets you find what you need quickly. You can also read more about unsigned apps and, if you’re a developer, you can find out how to submit your apps.

You can transfer the installation file to your phone via a USB cable or Bluetooth.

Since AppList is free, you should consider donating to its awesome developer here or find out how to get involved.


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