Announcement, Symbian Archival Project


I am sorry to pause the flow of apps, but I need to make an important statement regarding, of course, apps and Nokia.

The former Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, now returned to Microsoft, has laid out the new strategy for the next year: Nokia X and Asha phones will be discontinued throughout 2015, and also the submissions for apps for these platforms will be stopped on the 31st of March. With the decision to drop the two kinds of devices, and replace them with low end Windows Phones, that means Nokia Store will close by the end of 2015, and all the content available there, including Symbian, Meego and Maemo apps, will become inaccessible.

In this context, I need your help to continue my project collecting apps. This is the Symbian Archival Project. If you are kind enough to join, there are more areas I could use some help in, including collecting and testing apps, taking screenshots, writing information about apps, publishing posts and contacting developers for approval and spreading the word.

The aim of this project is to extend the support for Nokia devices, by saving all high quality games and apps for Nokia Symbian phones for future use. The Nokia Store is closing, indeed, but together we can make a new one, better, and provide material to the alternative store, Applist. A platform so advanced and beautiful and large as Symbian cannot be left to disappear like this. We bought these devices with hard worked money, and we should be able to use them for as long as we want. Broken promises should not discourage us, but serve as our fuel.

As the Nokia Store has a malfunctioning search function for the web version, my plans are even more difficult to accomplish, but with your help, I’m sure everything becomes enjoyable and easier.

This is quite an ambitious project and could easily develop into something bigger than intended, but due to the time pressure, it need some limits to be realisable. I wanted to support Meego, too, but it’s very difficult.

A secondary part is to archive the articles from the Symbiam wiki in the Nokia Developers, to help the developers. This will have to wait, unfortunately.

Write down in the comments if you want to join this project and I’ll give you the details via email.

The email will contain a list with the apps that have been retrieved, so that you don’t need to send the ones I already have.

I need people to recommend and submit me apps that meet the following criteria:

  • Are free on Nokia Store
  • Don’t contain ads (the only exception is that in which an app is the only one of its kind)
  • Are truly are useful and well designed
  • Have been tested to work on Nokia Belle
  • Can be clients for networks and services
  • Are high quality games that do not need connection to the internet to load
  • Are developed in Qt and C++, so they are fluid and work good, without impacting battery life or performance
  • Can be Java, as well, but I try to limit this type of app
  • Preferably have an icon that follows the Guidelines (has the Anna rounded style) so that it respects the look of the OS
  • Have an English interface
  • Local apps are accepted, too: e.g. National Banking apps, News, Shopping, Maps, Guides
  • Are unrelated to politics and religion and don’t discriminate race or gender
  • Have at least one method of contacting the developer on the Store page
  • And, please, no fart, mosquito, smell detectors, soundboard, flashlight, anti-virus or other nonsense apps
  • Also, no apps made with Nokia Web App maker (the ones that display a RSS)

Thank you! And I also thank you for encouraging me and using this site.

If you don’t have time to help, you can share this announcement, if you like, so that more people can find out about the project.

I also wish to mention that I have so far found a thousand of apps that haven’t been tested yet, and also there are about 50 apps in the queue of drafts of this blog.

Thanks to All About Symbian and Symbian Developers

The second post provides details for collecting apps and a link to a spreadsheet where you can see what has been collected so far.



  1. […] first post about the project, which says what kind of apps are […]

  2. Announcing a new sister project and collaboration: Symbian Arc!
    It’s supposed to capture the could-have-been feeling of the 2009-era Symbian Foundation.
    Currently there have only been published ink-on-paper illustration in the specific playful, hand-drawn style that Symbian Foundation once had. Yes, I mean the one with yellow highlight.
    It’s only on tumblr for now, that platform is suitable for imagery collections. Stay tuned!

    P.S. We’re not hipsters.

  3. edwin · · Reply

    i am too a die hard symbi fan and have tried collecting quality apps, i do face challenges when it comes to development though i am very interested. If you could send me a link so that i can upload the apps i already have that would be quite awesome

    1. Hello! Thank you for your interest. Can I contact you via email? (this is for the security of the project)

  4. I’m interested in joining the project. Not exactly sure I can think of apps to recommend right now, but I’m an app junkie and of course everything that can give a little more life to Symbian is welcome.

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