Your Nokia 700

The Nokia 700 is the world’s smallest smartphone. It’s a wonderful phone that proves that size doesn’t matter. Stylish, 9mm-thin, small, and light, it boasts a brilliant, scratchproof Gorilla Glass 3.2″ Amoled Display, it can take beautiful 5-megapixel photos, features the Near Field Communications technology, and never lets you down with its offline Nokia Maps.

You should take care of it and it will take care of you.

Here’s its manual, from Nokia Support: Nokia-700-User-Guide.pdf

This is the Specifications sheet: Nokia-700-Data-Sheet.pdf

And the Eco Profile: 700_Eco_profile.pdf

Also, the SAR file (It’s 1.43 W/Kg- pretty high!): Nokia_700_SAR_Information.pdf

To download a document, go to File> Download original


  • The Nokia 700 came with Symbian Belle (111.10.1009), then it was updated to Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 (112.10.1404) and the latest OS version is Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 (113.10.1506)
  • Until 2016, it’s uncertain whether there will be any major updates


  • You can snooze an alarm, silence a reminder or an incoming call by just turning your phone over so that it lies face down!
  • Your phone has a sensor next to the earpiece: it is activated when you answer a call/ call someone. By bringing your phone next to your ear, its screen turns black. Always make sure you keep your phone still when you talk: if the screen reactivates, you can accidentally touch the Mute or the End call buttons… As a precaution, you can lock your screen during calls to avoid this.
  • If you have handsfree/headphones or activate the loudspeaker, you can use your phone during a call to do other things (even record the call!). To return to the Call Screen, simply slide down the notifications area and touch the green section.
  • By pressing and holding the lock button, you enter the flashlight mode so that you won’t break your neck when you want a midnight snack. I hope for an update so that I can yell “Lumos!” to my phone. Hold the button again to extinguish the light (“Nox!“)
  • You can quickly access the camera by pressing the camera button, even when the screen is locked!
  • Buy a microSD card! If your phone has been blessed with a microSD reader (unlike the iPhone), why not use it? I recommend a card with at least 4 GB for a great experience. Your Nokia can format cards up to 32 GB, but 64 GB are also supported if you format them with a computer first.
  • Always install as few apps as possible to the C: drive! The phone needs plenty of space for cache! Only install your favourite theme/a small utility on C:
  • Install map packs, games and apps in the E: drive. It’s the best place for them. You can install them on the card as well, but they load faster from the internal memory
  • Use the F: drive (the card) for Music, Videos and Photos
  • If you install and uninstall a lot of apps frequently, some files remain on your phone and in time will slow it down. Find out which apps you really use and remember them, then reset your phone and it will be as good as new.
  • Leaving apps running in the background for long (one day?!) can crash your phone. Don’t be surprised, even the best computers can’t handle an exhausted RAM.
  • If your phone is not responding even to the on/off button, you can empty its cache by removing the battery while the display is active. Before you start the phone again, let the battery out for some minutes and then place it back in. Don’t do this unless you are forced to. Never take the battery out when the phone is charging.
  • You can switch between apps by holding the physical menu button for 3 seconds. By doing so, you enter the Task Manager, where you can even close the apps.
  • Pressing for 3 second the Green key brings up the voice command prompt. Never yell at it. Your phone has noise cancellation and if you scream at it, it will not understand you and will think you’re an owl or some other animal making noise in the background. Your phone learns your voice, so if you use the Voice Commands for the first time, you should go in a quiet place and try out some commands. To see a list of the commands, Open Settings>Phone>Voice Commands or press the green key and say “Voice Commands” After each command, the phone will repeat what you said so that in case it misunderstood, it won’t call your boss instead of reading the newest emails to you.
  • You can use bluetooth keyboards and mice with your Nokia 700! Simply pair them with your phone and start using them!
  • To save battery power, you can use 2G instead of 3G– Swipe down the notifications panel and tap “Mobile network”, then “Network mode” and choose GSM. For faster data (internet), choose 3G. Tou can also place a home screen widget to quickly switch between the two.
  • If you want to save even more energy, you can turn on power saving mode. To do that, return to your home screen and press the red (end call) key, then choose the option. Apart from that, you can use dark themes/ black wallpapers/turn off vibrations/disable screensaver/ close any apps you’re not using.
  • In the Mail app, you can swipe left or right to switch between multiple accounts.
  • The phone charges a lot faster if you turn it off firstly.
  • Avoid letting your phone’s battery go down to 0%. If you have few battery left, it’s best not to use it and find a charger as quickly as you can. Also, remember to always charge your phone to 100%. This is the best way to maintain good battery life and performance.

Care Tips:
Don’t take your smartphone to the bathroom. Not only you avoid dropping it in… the toilet, you also spend less time in uninteresting places. Surely you have other things to do than spend half a day on the loo. You have no interest in adding more bacteria to your phone than it already has, unless you want to send your phone to a lab and make an experimental art:

You should avoid taking your phone out while having a meal, so that you can prevent spilling orange juice on your phone or get its screen sticky with your fingers full of honey and jam. Most importantly, you keep germs off your hands while you eat. It is pointless to mention the thousands of diseases and bacteria you can get.

Nokia made some useful videos that explain very clearly the poper ways to use your smartphone and how to avoid getting distracted.

Also, there are some ebooks on these subjects available here:

Design your Day:

Mobile mastery:

Nokia’s SlideShare page:

Of course, there are many interesting articles on this matter and this is a really good one:



  1. Claus Melander · · Reply

    Great tips, a few I did not knew even I have had my trusted Nokia 700 for years. Thanks

  2. supun · · Reply

    great! thanks.

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