This is a rather geeky site with a collection apps for Nokia Belle phones. I usually don’t follow back or like posts, unless it’s not relevant for this project. I’m sorry. I’ll look for you on my personal account, don’t worry.

IMPORTANT: I don’t own copyrights for these applications- I have not designed them- they are applications from different official locations, such as Nokia Store or Nokia Beta Labs. I’ve also attached and will attach free applications from 3rd parties. I will always provide a link to the Nokia Store page where available so that you can see other apps created by the developer.

I do not encourage piracy- don’t download and use retailed (paid) applications, buy them from Nokia Store, because it’s the only way you can encourage good developers make great things for Nokia phones! If you like an app/theme/game, buy it! Seriously, some people didn’t sleep nights because they were coding apps, so they really deserve a reward. Besides, try to imagine that some of them live on what they sell.

About the Website:

I gathered here a collection of awesome and useful free apps, stunning themes and cool games for your Nokia Belle device!

Download what you want, send the files to your phone via Bluethooth/USB cable, install them and enjoy your life! Avoid becoming obsessed with your phone! As great your Nokia 700 may be, you must remember it’s supposed to help you get in touch with your friends and have fun, not turn you into a zombie who boasts of a device’s specifications, without actually taking a photo with it or accomplishing anything at all!

It’s not technology- It’s what you do with it.

If you find out that an app has been updated, please leave a comment on the app’s page. Also, tell me if you discover that an app shared here is no longer free, because I’d have to delete it. Actually, if you find any mistake in a post (grammar/wrong information/etc), just tell me! Leave comments and help me make this website better!

You can leave you feedback here: Feedback

Note that each app has at least two versions: an Installer (which requires Internet connection) and a normal one, which installs the app offline.

SIGNED– means that you can install this application without having to hack your device. Developers get their applications signed by Nokia to ensure security and establish a trust level for the app. Developers buy a signing license to be able to distribute their apps. There are some free signing programs on the internet, though. The apps I found are already signed and ready to be installed, yet if you wish to hack your phone and install various tweaks and unsigned apps, I got a download pack here, along with instructions…

The certificate of each app expires at some point and after that you won’t be able to install the programs you want unless you hack the phone.

INSTALLERS– There are two kinds of installers:

  • Normal installers– They work offline and install your app no matter what. You should look for them. They also install apps faster and work in the background, allowing you to do other things in the meanwhile.
  • Smart Installers– They’re smart (or at least are supposed to be): they search your phone to see if you’ve got the necessary runtimes and then download from the internet (from a sever) the application itself and the required components. Trouble is, they’re often mistaken. Nokia Belle has all the major frameworks built-in. Try to avoid Smart Installers- they might not work after 2016 and won’t install the app. Also, just so you know, it’s the smart installer the one that covers the entire screen when you install an app from Nokia Store! Many people hate them for that. However, there are some custom frameworks developer use, and your phone certainly doesn’t have them… I’ll let you know if an app only works when installed by its smart installer.

There are more extensions for the applications that can run on a Nokia Belle device:

  • The Java apps are installed online using a .jad file or offline using the .jar file
  • The .sis or .sisx files are most common and are used to install apps and games written for Symbian (in C++ or in Qt).
  • The flash apps or games come in .sis or .sisx packages as well.
  • The widgets are installed via a .wgz file and are developed in Web Runtime (WRT)


  1. Omar · · Reply

    Thank you for your great work!
    Can you tell me please where can i download the nokia maps version 3.0.9 install files for nokia 700?
    After a hard reset to get rid of all the micrososoft preloaded apps, i lost them, i want to keep nokia maps.
    Thank you!

  2. Dear Symbian User,

    We have a free version of our game PuzzleStones that is available from the Nokia Store here: http://store.ovi.com/content/402149?clickSource=publisher+channel&channel=&pos=1

    We would love to add it to your collection of freeware titles that are available from your website at nokia700phone.wordpress.com

    If there’s anything we can do to help, please do get in contact.

    All the best,
    Akies Games

    1. All right, I’ll buy it and review it as soon as I can! Thank you.

    2. I wanted to buy it anyway. Thank you. You made a wonderful game.
      I also added the free version to the collection.

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