Nokia Belle in 2016

2016 is the year Nokia discontinues Symbian, by declaring the devices running S60, Symbian and Nokia Belle unsupported.

This sites helps you and your Nokia 700 survive under all circumstances: alien attacks, black holes, jungles, fandroids, giant squirrels, Apple fanatics and more! Including Elop!

Nokia’s CEO (Stephen Elop) had announced that Nokia PureView 808 was the last Belle phone and that Nokia Belle (the Operating System) has been put in maintenance mode, which means that until 2016 there will be very few updates. There are small chances for these improvements to be major- probably they will be bug fixes only.*

Elop made the decision to drop Nokia Belle and Meego platforms in the favour of WP8 and S40 touch. Teaming up with Microsoft must have been a desperate decision to regain market share.

Nokia won’t make any Nokia Belle phone from now on (goodbye, awesome NFC concept phone) and will also cease support for them: eg: there won’t be support manuals/FAQs, and after 2016, not even Nokia Care Points will be able help you.

Above: Official Nokia Concept Phone found in a Near Field Communications Tutorial. Click for larger image.

There’s no reason to panic, there’s no reason to scream and blame everything on Elop. If you are a Symbian die-hard fan, you can buy more Symbian phones- but you should hurry up in this case. Complaining at this point will not get us anything.

This website now focuses on continuing the life of your Nokia 700 after 2016. (and any other device with Nokia Belle)

Don’t expect your Nokia to stop working in 2016- no company ever deactivated devices in mass! Even first-generation iPhones still work, so why shouldn’t our Nokias do in 2016!? Surely, a lot of things will change- the internet is always evolving- maybe there will be a new network frequency… We never know, we can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

I’ll tell you what Nokia Services (Sync/Maps/Store/et.) will become unavailable after 2016 so that you’ll be ready for anything. I’ll try to find out things about what will happen exactly, but I doubt I will know sooner than anyone else… See the next page for details.

Nokia has already sent to the developers a mail in which they explained that they will no longer accept themes, apps, or updates for Symbian devices in Nokia Store beginning 1st January 2014. They also promised that the apps will still be available, but this wasn’t a guarantee, as we can see, because Asha developers have been warned that the Nokia Store will definitively close in 2015.

Also, the Here team has announced that Nokia Maps will now be updated with incremental updates (instead of downloading a new map of the entire country, the update will apply a small patch with the newest changes). Nokia Belle and Meego will not receive this kind of updates,

Now that Nokia has been acquired by Microsoft, and that Elop has decided to also put Asha, Nokia X and feature phones in maintenance mode, the Nokia Store will close submissions of apps on the 31st of March, 2015, and that means all the apps for Meego, Maemo and Symbian will be removed and inaccessible by the end of that year. Please back up all your purchased apps using the technique mentioned on the Tutorials page.

*Update 21/05/2013: A new perspective: Although at first I may have been a little too rude and driven by anger, I can now see that Nokia hasn’t been that mean with us after all… It was nice of them that they announced us about their plans and gave us some time (until 2016). I’m also glad they have continued (and hopefully will continue) releasing updates-e.g. Mail&Calendar, Gallery&Sharing, New widgets (flashlight, Webview, stopwatch), 3G fix, Messaging fix, SkyDrive, WLAN, etc.

Sure, you can use your Nokia Belle phone for as long as you like and bring it to the state in which its buttons have fallen, its screen has loads of scratches and the touch digitiser and battery no longer work. However, if you actually love your Nokia, you will buy a new phone- to protect the thing you care about. Perhaps we should stop seeing everything as a bad sign and look forwards.

Nokia Belle Devices: Nokia 603, Nokia 700, Nokia 701, Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia E6, Nokia Oro, Nokia 500, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7



  1. i have nokia e7 and i can’t download any app what can i do 😦 , there is no app store anymore ????

  2. terazoone · · Reply

    Is there a reliable option to upgrade from Anna (ver. 022.014) to Belle on my Nokia E7-00? I’ve tried the newest Nokia Suite but nothing available. Software update from the phone always failed. Connection error or unavailable server. I know the store and everything was shut down, I just like to update to Belle. If not possible I am fine with Anna, I’m simply an update junkie ^,^

  3. kuladeep kalita · · Reply

    please help me i can’t creat any account on my e7….nokia account,gmail,email,social network etc ….please help me…..please…..

    1. install Applist, look for qooMail and try it

  4. mt12345 · · Reply

    How do I put an application to autostart at boot time? (Ramblow autostarts, I want Blacklist to autostart as well).

  5. mt12345 · · Reply

    OK maps downloaded.
    Sometimes when I search in Maps I get ‘searching offline’ but mobile data is on. Reboot doesn’t help. But then, next day it is ‘searching online’ again. Nokia 700 Delight.

    1. So do you want to search online or offline? I suppose you could archive the maps data folder and do a reset or just delete the folder, reboot, then open the app, have it recreate the hierarchy and then try re-addingthe saved folders one by one?

    2. mt12345 · ·

      Both offline and online. In offline mode I can search for addresses streets etc but when I try to find, for example, nearest Tesco, I have to turn data on. And I noticed sometimes Maps don’t switch to online search. btw: How do I clean cache in symbian?

  6. jeevan · · Reply

    hi how can i update my software for nokia 700, pls help

    1. Hi, your best chance is to install the Delight CFW:

  7. lakis · · Reply

    happy in 2016 with nokia 701, I hope for many years. thanks for your blog!

    1. glad you found it useful!

  8. Martin · · Reply

    How to download maps (to use it offline)? Nokia 700 Delight

  9. Mitja · · Reply

    Hi does anyone know is it still posible to somehow get Developer Certificate to sign apps with (since OPDA is down)

    Thanks for Anwsering

    1. Carbide.ui can make certificates, I think. But you better hack the phone to install unsigned apps

  10. Mitja · · Reply

    Hi does anyone know is it still posible to somehow get Developer Certificate in 2016 to sign apps with (since OPDA is gone)

    Thanks for Anwsering

  11. Mark Pittendrigh · · Reply

    I have a Nokia e7… I love the phone but now there isn’t even an ovi store 😦

    1. Cool! You can use AppList instead:

  12. Jeremy · · Reply

    why can’t my 700 run with the sim card??

    1. Sorry, I don’t know! Try taking the sim out and rubbing it gently with a lint-free cloth. Or go to your carrier and have it replaced. I replaced mine

  13. Rakib · · Reply

    I am using Nokia 700, but i have Camera problem for few days, doesn’t support camera, its show failed to open camera.

    1. Hm, that’s curious. Try a soft reset? A hard reset? I have a Delight CFW on mine, look it up, you should definitely use a custom firmware.

  14. Ajshal · · Reply

    I am Still using Symbian Belle on Nokia c6 -01 now.. Its perfect for Normal Use but Apps Are the problem or The ONLY problem..

  15. John · · Reply

    700 is way better than most of nowdays 5inch crap

    1. Funnily enough, I can’t type on a huge touchscreen, but the 700 keyboard was so comfortable and fast! Still, I’m not going back from physical keyboards.

  16. do more apps and hd games for symbian belle plz

  17. karidi · · Reply

    super app

    1. Which? 🙂

  18. AKSdude · · Reply

    very well done! It’s the very enthusiasm we need to carry Symbian on.

    1. Thank you!

  19. Ohhh nicee yarrr keep it upppppppp 🙂

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