Nokia Belle in 2016

Service Availability


What works (as of April 2014):

  • Nokia Mail
  • Nokia Maps (online and offline location)
  • Downloading Offline Maps
  • Nokia Music
  • Nokia Social client for Twitter and Facebook
  • Nokia Store (downloading Symbian apps)
  • Nokia Sync (for contacts, notes, calendar events)
  • Nokia Trailers
  • Installing Qt components from Smart Installer

What doesn’t:

  • Nokia Battery Monitor site (Betalabs experiment) the app still works
  • Nokia Check-In Service from Maps
  • Installing dictionary files (certificates have expired)
  • Nokia Drop (Betalabs experiment)
  • Nokia Gig Finder (Betalabs experiment)
  • Nokia Internet Radio
  • Installing language files (certificates have expired)
  • Nokia Own Voice site for creating voice packs for Nokia Drive
  • Nokia Pulse (Betalabs experiment)
  • Nokia Weather Service from Nokia Maps Suite
  • Nokia Wellness Diary (Betalabs experiment)
  • Nokia World Gaze servers for providing a more accurate geography (Betalabs experiment)




Nokia Store

While the store is still working, developers cannot submit updates or new apps for Symbian or Meego. One great alternative is AppList, which can safely replace Nokia Store for your Nokia Belle phone, as it works fast and looks beautiful and even has more features. The best part is that all the apps are of high quality.

Social Networking Client

I don’t know whether it concerns the Symbian Nokia Social Client as well, but it seems that the Asha Social app will no longer work:

Even though the client is slow sometimes, it is useful for getting the profile picture and linking the Facebook/Twitter profile to contacts. It also allows status updates from that person to be displayed in the Contacts app.
You can check out Tweetian, the best Twitter client, which also happens to be free. You can also try TwimGo (free), TweetS60, or Tweeties these two cost).
As for Facebook, there aren’t really any good apps for it that are free, but there are fMobi, Magarmuchh, which aren’t expensive. You can also try to access the mobile website for Facebook with a browser, but the experience is not really satisfying. Maybe you could try the Facebook Mobile Qt app, which may improve a bit the speed, but for the client that iOS and Android can acces with a browser, you’ll have to buy Facebook Qt, which comes at a good price. Beware using Facebook clients on a mobile data connection, as this network uses a lot of data to load photos.

And then, there’s Gravity, which costs a lot, but is the ultimate Social Networks client, as it includes Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google News (not sure of this one, because it has been discontinued),, Sina Weibo.
It even allows access and lets you upload pictures to Flickr and TwitPic and get liks links from Instapaper, Readability and It features a custom keyboard for easier typing and dark/light themes.

Nokia Maps

The latest Map Data is, released on 03/07/2013, and it probably won’t be updated.
However, if you delete your “cities” folder and restart the Map app, you can choose to be online and cache the latest data in the region you browse. The map will be searchable and functional, even without connection, once you’ve explored the region. Please backup your cities folder if you consider doing this.

Nokia Weather

According to me, the best app to replace it is WeatherMango. However, you can also check out qooWeather, which costs, but also provides a homescreen widget, that is highly customisable.

Nokia Internet Radio

Stuart Howarth has created cuteRadio as a replacement for Internet Radio.

Dictionary and Language Files

Since the certificates have expired, the only way to install more languages for your phone is to travel back in time or hack your phone. I have explained the techniques on the Tutorials page.



  1. i have nokia e7 and i can’t download any app what can i do 😦 , there is no app store anymore ????

  2. terazoone · · Reply

    Is there a reliable option to upgrade from Anna (ver. 022.014) to Belle on my Nokia E7-00? I’ve tried the newest Nokia Suite but nothing available. Software update from the phone always failed. Connection error or unavailable server. I know the store and everything was shut down, I just like to update to Belle. If not possible I am fine with Anna, I’m simply an update junkie ^,^

  3. kuladeep kalita · · Reply

    please help me i can’t creat any account on my e7….nokia account,gmail,email,social network etc ….please help me…..please…..

    1. install Applist, look for qooMail and try it

  4. mt12345 · · Reply

    How do I put an application to autostart at boot time? (Ramblow autostarts, I want Blacklist to autostart as well).

  5. mt12345 · · Reply

    OK maps downloaded.
    Sometimes when I search in Maps I get ‘searching offline’ but mobile data is on. Reboot doesn’t help. But then, next day it is ‘searching online’ again. Nokia 700 Delight.

    1. So do you want to search online or offline? I suppose you could archive the maps data folder and do a reset or just delete the folder, reboot, then open the app, have it recreate the hierarchy and then try re-addingthe saved folders one by one?

    2. mt12345 · ·

      Both offline and online. In offline mode I can search for addresses streets etc but when I try to find, for example, nearest Tesco, I have to turn data on. And I noticed sometimes Maps don’t switch to online search. btw: How do I clean cache in symbian?

  6. jeevan · · Reply

    hi how can i update my software for nokia 700, pls help

    1. Hi, your best chance is to install the Delight CFW:

  7. lakis · · Reply

    happy in 2016 with nokia 701, I hope for many years. thanks for your blog!

    1. glad you found it useful!

  8. Martin · · Reply

    How to download maps (to use it offline)? Nokia 700 Delight

  9. Mitja · · Reply

    Hi does anyone know is it still posible to somehow get Developer Certificate to sign apps with (since OPDA is down)

    Thanks for Anwsering

    1. Carbide.ui can make certificates, I think. But you better hack the phone to install unsigned apps

  10. Mitja · · Reply

    Hi does anyone know is it still posible to somehow get Developer Certificate in 2016 to sign apps with (since OPDA is gone)

    Thanks for Anwsering

  11. Mark Pittendrigh · · Reply

    I have a Nokia e7… I love the phone but now there isn’t even an ovi store 😦

    1. Cool! You can use AppList instead:

  12. Jeremy · · Reply

    why can’t my 700 run with the sim card??

    1. Sorry, I don’t know! Try taking the sim out and rubbing it gently with a lint-free cloth. Or go to your carrier and have it replaced. I replaced mine

  13. Rakib · · Reply

    I am using Nokia 700, but i have Camera problem for few days, doesn’t support camera, its show failed to open camera.

    1. Hm, that’s curious. Try a soft reset? A hard reset? I have a Delight CFW on mine, look it up, you should definitely use a custom firmware.

  14. Ajshal · · Reply

    I am Still using Symbian Belle on Nokia c6 -01 now.. Its perfect for Normal Use but Apps Are the problem or The ONLY problem..

  15. John · · Reply

    700 is way better than most of nowdays 5inch crap

    1. Funnily enough, I can’t type on a huge touchscreen, but the 700 keyboard was so comfortable and fast! Still, I’m not going back from physical keyboards.

  16. do more apps and hd games for symbian belle plz

  17. karidi · · Reply

    super app

    1. Which? 🙂

  18. AKSdude · · Reply

    very well done! It’s the very enthusiasm we need to carry Symbian on.

    1. Thank you!

  19. Ohhh nicee yarrr keep it upppppppp 🙂

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