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Here are links to all the updates that were available for the Nokia 700, on the latest firmware:

Post – Symbian era, Post – Nokia era

It’s been a long time. The Nokia Store has closed. The “Nokia” brand name doesn’t appear on Lumia phones now. But hey, we got new map data! We have the HERE team to thank for that. They are the only ones left from “Nokia”. And hey, AppList still receives new apps. Developers are open-sourcing their […]

Nokia Accounts Closing

Nokia Store is closing soon, but another service you may be using, Maps, will also be affected. If you’ve been using Nokia Maps, back-up your addresses, they will no longer be synced online. And also head to Tutorials and find out how to back up your purchased items from Nokia Store, because each purchase is […]

Symbian Archival Project (part 2)

We need to act quickly. I know finding good apps is difficult, and I’ll explain what I think must be the reason for this. The Nokia Store is flooded with poorly thought Java, adware, scam, fake apps and the broken search function makes everything even more difficult. No new Symbian content being published should work […]

Announcement, Symbian Archival Project

Hello. I am sorry to pause the flow of apps, but I need to make an important statement regarding, of course, apps and Nokia. The former Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, now returned to Microsoft, has laid out the new strategy for the next year: Nokia X and Asha phones will be discontinued throughout 2015, and […]