Download free content from Nokia Store on a computer:

  1. Go to http://store.ovi.com/
  2. Find the app you want
  3. Add “/Download” to the address bar
  4. Press Enter

e.g. You want to download the Chat app- go to http://store.ovi.com/content/75668 then type at the end of the address “/Download” (so that it looks like this: http://store.ovi.com/content/75668/Download) and press Enter. The download should start now…

Also, they may be other characters after the address and you should remove them: eg. http://store.ovi.com/content/75668?clickSource=publisher+channel&channel=&pos=12 remove everything after the five numbers and add “/Download” http://store.ovi.com/content/75668/Download.


Download your purchased content from Nokia Store (using the phone):

  1. After you buy something from the Nokia Store, you have to wait and look at the progress indicator below the button. When it’s full and says “Installing”, quickly press the red “end call” key.
  2. Then open Files and select the drive where you usually install apps, scroll down and find a .sis/.sisx/.dm installation file and copy it to another drive/folder. For purchased themes look in a drive’s “Images” folder. NOTE: if the file has the .part extension, it means that you pressed too soon the red button!
  3. After you backup the installer, make sure to install the app/theme/game/whatever by tapping it, so that the next time you open Nokia Store, you won’t get the “Installation failed” error.
  4. You can browse your phone’s memory with a computer to get the installation file from where you copied it to.

EXPLANATION: When you press the download/buy button, Nokia Store downloads the file on the phone, installs it and then deletes it. What you do is basically interrupting this series of actions, by copying the installation file before it gets deleted.

IMPORTANT: It is illegal to share on the Internet the installers for your purchased items! As long as you keep them to yourself, that’s okay, but don’t give them to anyone else, they will not even work, because the installers are signed for your phone only. Instead, if you want to give a paid app/game to a friend, you can log into your account using their phone and download it! Don’t forget to log out when you’re done.

TIP: Instead of closing the Store in step 1, you can press the menu button and open the Files app, or switch to it if it’s already open. In this case, you have to be quick.

Before you download and use a pirated app, try to imagine that someone has spent a lot of their time making that app/game/theme, and they may be even living with the money they make from developing.

Get rid of the .dm extension:

Sometimes, you may download from the Store a file that ends with .dm and can’t be opened on the phone. Don’t worry, the file is not damaged- it’s just protected- and it is quite easy to remove the extensions and send it to your phone. Open the file in a text editor (such as Notepad, TextEdit, Notepad++, Wrangler, etc.) and look at the first lines and you shall see:

Content-Type: x-epoc/x-sisx-app
Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary


The content type varies according to the file you downloaded- here we have an app (“x-sisx-app”), but it may also be an image. You have to delete those first four lines- including the fourth, which is blank, and then scroll to the end of the file, where you will see:


You also have to delete this line. Now you’re good to go- save the file (remember to remove the .dm extension from the name) and send it over to your phone!

Get wallpapers for your Nokia 700:

Since Nokia Belle works in both portrait and landscape modes, I suggest you look for square, 640*640 wallpapers, or resize the ones you like so that they’ll look good in whichever situation.
The iPad and the Android devices work in the same way, so you can search for Android/iPad wallpapers, download, and then resize them.

Travel back in time to install apps and games with expired certificates:

  1. Open the “Clock” app , tap the setting icon in the toolbar and set the date a few years back. For Nokia Bubbles, for example, set 2012. Ignore any warning about events and alarms.
  2. Close the app and put the phone in Offline mode. To do so, return to the homescreen, press the red (end call) key and choose from the menu the option. The device may lock itself. Now unlock it and turn it off.
  3. Restart the phone. When asked whether to continue using Offline mode, choose “yes”.
  4. Install the app you want. If you get: “Certificate may not yet be valid, has expired or phone’s date setting may be incorrect,” you set the date too far back. If you still get “Expired certificate”, you set it too late. Simply open the “Clock” app and offset the date and retry installing.
  5. When you’re done, open the “Clock” app, go to settings, scroll down and set “Automatic time update” to “On”

Extract offline installer from an app’s  Smart Installer:

  1. This time, you need to download a software called “SisContents” to your PC from here : http://symbiandev.cdtools.net/, that will allow you to open, verify, explore and edit .sis packages.
  2. After you install SisContents, launch it open (from File menu>Open file…) your app installer (they usually have in their name the “installer” word).
  3. You are then going to see loads of information: developer/vendor, name, certificates, dates, targeted devices, but you’re interested in clicking the “Contents” button, that looks like four squares, and is to the right to the General information button
  4. A list will appear, and you have to double-click on the first item, which should be the bare .sis(x) file. It will open in a new window and show again information about the file.
  5. This time, go to File>Save as… choose the right format and save your installer.

If you want to be sure you really don’t need the smart installer, before you save the normal installer, you’ll look at the “Software dependencies” section. If the number is 1, and you run Nokia Belle Refresh or FP2, then you can safely use the offline installer. If the number is 2 or higher, then click the button next to them and take a look at the required components for the app to run. If you’re not sure about them, it’s best to close SisContents and use the Smart Installer.

Hack your Nokia Belle device:

Although you risk voiding your warranty by doing this, there are some benefits from hacking your phone. If you don’t have a peculiar reason for hacking your phone, I suggest you don’t do it. By hacking your Nokia Belle phone, you can install many various mods and unsigned/expired software, but you also make your phone more vulnerable, because you risk installing dangerous apps from unknown or unreliable sources.

For Nokia Belle FP2:

Download this archive and send it to your phone: FP2Hack.zip

I suggest you put your phone in Offline mode before proceeding to the next steps… Just to be safe.

  • Step 1: Install “Nokia Belle FP2 Hack final.sis” on the C: drive and then launch the “Safe Manager” app.
  • Step 2: Press “No” on all three dialogues
  • Step 3: Open Other>File Manager
  • Step 4: Navigate to C:/resource/swicertstore/dat/ and copy “updatedswicertstore.dat” to a safe place. Note: If you don’t find the folder/folders, then create it/them
  • Step 5: Navigate to E:/FP2hack/ and press updatedswicertstore.dat, then tap copy from the options menu. Paste the file in C:/resource/swicertstore/dat/, enter the code you see, and confirm the “insert”/”replace” dialogues. Close the “Safe Manager” app afterwards.
  • Step 6: Install RomPatcher+, open the app and tap twice on each patch, so that next to them there is a green circle with yellow outline. Close RP+.
  • Step 7: Delete the folder E:/FP2hack/ using your phone’s “Files” app. Uninstall “Nokia Belle FP2 Hack”, “Safe Manager” and “English for Safe Manager” from Settings>Installations>Already installed. Now you can turn the offline mode off.

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Many thanks to pyler, from DailyMobile! http://forum.dailymobile.net/forums/showthread.php?t=75662



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