cute Radio

For Nokia Belle/ Nokia Belle FP1/ Nokia Belle FP2

cuteRadio is back. Download it from the developer’s site (link below) and also thank him.

Since Nokia/Microsoft have shut down the servers for the Internet Radio app, Stuart Howarth has created cuteRadio, which is an amazing replacement for the former app. It has a dark and clean interface, works smoothly and even has a sleep-timer.

Tip: to quickly get to a letter, scrub the right edge in a list! First, hold and press in the right edge, wait until a popup appears, then move the finger up or down.

cuteRadio is a user-friendly internet radio player for Maemo5, MeeGo-Harmattan and Symbian. Features include:

  • Stations can be edited, and additional stations can be added manually.
  • Search stations and podcasts and browse by genre, country and language.
  • Access recently played stations.
  • Add stations to your favourites.
  • Sleep timer
  • Network proxy

The app is free, but you can support the developer by buying one of his paid apps: cuteTube, the best YouTube mobile client ever, or MusiKloud, a neat Soundcloud client.

Also, in this new version, you need to create an account, which is really simple and doesn’t need an email address. Also, if you want to add a station to “favourites“, press and hold on one to open a menu.

Use of the cuteRadio REST API requires a cuteRadio account. To create an account, simply choose a username and password and sign in using the ‘Account’ dialog. No personal information is required.


  • Make sure you have Qt 4.7.4, Qt Mobility and Qt Quick Components 1.1
  • Developer: Stuart Howarth
  • Version 0.3.3 (18.11.2014)
  • Size: 5 MB

Download from here:

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  1. Bedrich KOpriva · · Reply

    Thank you, sir! I could love my Nokia N8 for the music again.

  2. oriona77 · · Reply

    For Symbian, you can download cuteradio here:,in the bottom of de page you will find: cuteradio.sis I’ve downloaded- it is very good, I have nokia 500

    1. Hi! Thanks for the 1.1.2 version! I couldn’t find it anymore. You can also try the new one (1.3.3)

  3. Please release a version or Symbian s60v3 please please!! waiting for CuteRadio

  4. It is not broken, but version 0.2.1 was unfortunately against TuneIn licence agreement, so the whole application development was stopped 😦

    1. Hi, I think the developper didn’t have time to release a new version, but surely he will when he finds a way (I hope). Meanwhile, you can give Soundtracker a try, or Mobbler ( ),

      Liquid air lab have a load of apps for web stations :

  5. NMT · · Reply

    Please so work out an agreement with TuneIn, CuteRadio is amazing

  6. Please fix the cute radio

    nokia ❤

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