For Nokia Belle/ Nokia Belle FP1/ Nokia Belle FP2

Reversi is a nice and addicting game. You can play it with your phone or with another friend, which is what I do most of the time and I can guarantee there’s a lot fun to have!

It works fast and looks clean, the animations are smooth and the game has useful options – you can even play in landscape mode, if that’s more convenient!

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) player is very good, and you can choose a lot of levels: Elementary, Easy, Medium, Difficult, Hard, Very Hard, Impossible. I couldn’t beat “Very Hard” even with the “undo” option, which I don’t normally use, and “Impossible” is self-explaining. However, I can challenge my friends to see who can lose, but get the most points while playing with “Impossible”.

This is a game I always keep on my phone. This game is open-source and you can support the developer by buying another of his apps.

Reversi (sometimes called “Othello”) is a classic board game. This free open source application includes possibility to play vs opponent with different skills or with a friend. Game also has “Setup position”, “Undo”, “Show possible moves” functions.

Nokia Store link:


  • Your phone may need some components or plugins to run the app, so the smart installer would download them. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet before installing.
  • Developer: Michael Nosov ; Also see Tic-Tac-Toe+
  • Version 1.0 (17.01.2012)
  • Certificate expires on 16.05.2012
  • Size: 175 KB

Download Reversi

Download Reversi Installer- online

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