For Nokia Belle/ Nokia Belle FP1/ Nokia Belle FP2

CalQtlator is a scientific calculator with an awesome, clean and fast interface. I love it, because there are all the functions I need, it can remember the history and can easily switch between radians, gradians and degrees for angles and trigonometric values.

To get the right trigonometric values (sine, cosine, tangent, etc.), choose degrees.

The answer can be displayed in exponents if it’s a big number (or a minuscule one), and you can change the number of digits/decimals of the result.

You can even toggle a beautiful white theme, which is useful when you are out and the sun is blinding.

The start-up time is 7 seconds- a bit high, but considering all the great features it has, it shouldn’t be a problem.

CalQtlator is a multifunctional calculator that developed using QML. With the fluid user interface and 3 swipe-able keyboards, you can easily access to the following functions:
– basic operations
– trigonometric & hyperbolic functions
– power & root functions
– logarithms functions
– binary, octal & hexadecimal calculations
– memory functions
– commonly used unit conversion & math constant
– calculations history

Nokia Store link:


Download CalQtlator

Download CalQtlator Installer– online

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