For Nokia Belle/ Nokia Belle FP1/ Nokia Belle FP2

A gapless music player that plays all the songs in a folder. It is fluid and beautiful, lets you control 100% of the volume so that it will sound just the way you want it to. It can loop a song or all, shuffle them, or display song info. It can also resume playing as soon as you start the app again.

Smooze music player is a simple music player that uses a file browser interface. It’s like Folderplay except it’s coded entirely in Qt/QML so it’s fast and light. Just browse to the folder with your songs, click on a file and it will keep playing all music files in that folder. MP3, WAV and M4A (AAC) files are currently supported.
Toolbar: back button to go up folders/quit, go to previous song, play/stop, go to next song
Play modes: N = normal, 1 = single song loop, A = loop all songs continuously, S = shuffle
Auto-resume on startup can be enabled from the menu
Volume control is by hardware volume keys.
You can also use Nokia headsets to control previous song, pause/play, next song and volume.

GitHub link:


Download Smooze

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  1. […] Developer: mangolazi; Also see QNotes and Smooze […]

  2. […] Developer: mangolazi; Also see QNotes  and Smooze […]

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