Count It

For Nokia Belle/ Nokia Belle FP1/ Nokia Belle FP2

This is the best counter app I found for Nokia Belle phones. It opens with a set-up screen, where you can choose the volume of sounds. It is really versatile, as it can work while the phone is locked, if you set up the proximity sensor and an audible alert. To subtract one point, tap and hold on the screen.
It is useful for determining how many people enter a theatre, how frequented a place is, counting red cars and blue cars.
You can take advantage of the proximity sensor feature if you want your phone to count your push-ups; for this, enable the option in settings, start a new counting session and place the phone underneath your stomach and start doing push-ups. This works well if you have a large t-shirt.

CountIt is counter application based on QML.
You can count up or down directly via touch screen or use proximity sensor for more energy efficient non-touch way of control (can work in background or when is phone locked).
In every page is little information hidden in header. Just press it and you can get some information about page. Long press on header opens quick menu.

Symbian Store link:


  • Make sure you have Qt Mobility installed.
  • Developer: Naecken
  • Version 1.1 (29.06.2014)
  • Size: 262 KB

Download CountIt

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  1. Naecken · · Reply

    Thanks for sharing on your site 😉 It’s a free app so it’s fine if somebody shares it.

    You can contact me via SD forum, DM forum or Twitter. It’s the fastest way.

  2. Thank you so much for creating this app! I tried to find your email address, but I couldn’t find any site. Hope you don’t mind that I shared it here.

  3. Naecken · · Reply

    Looks cool with Nokia Pure font 🙂

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