For Nokia Belle/ Nokia Belle FP1/ Nokia Belle FP2

FilesPlus is a great app that allows you to browse the phone and the devices connected to it and even connect to your cloud storage services (Dropbox, Onedrive/Skydrive, Google Drive, Box, or an FTP/WebDav server). You can display folder icons as lists, thumbnails, or a pie chart, so that you can quickly see what is occupying more space.

The app is usually fast, but sometimes the transitions are slow. The first time you start it you must let it index your files. In settings, you can choose some options to speed it up (disable thumbnails/generate them only on local dives, etc.) It also can sync a folder with a service if you schedule it. There also is a feature that allows you to print to any printer connected to the internet through Google’s Cloud Print- it actually works!

For the UI, you can choose a light/dark theme, hide the status bar, automatically turn bluetooth on and off if needed and change the size of the list icons.

You can choose to donate, if you like the app, here:

File manager with cloud service integration.
+ Print a file or URL with Google™ Cloud Print.
+ Sync files with multiple cloud storages (Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Cloud Drive, BOX, FTP and WebDAV).
+ Schedule auto-sync by folder.
+ Preview images in your folders.
+ FolderPie functionalities.
+ With Russian, Deutsch, Italian and Chinese translations.
It’s free. Just donate if you like.

Nokia Store link:


  • Known issues:
    – Unicode file name issue with FTP.
    – BOX client’s uploading file limit at 10-30MB.
  • Your phone may need some components (Qt Mobility) to run the app, so the smart installer would download them. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet before installing.
  • Developer: MeekiMobile ; Other apps by them
  • Version 1.3.2 (11.03.2014)
  • Size: 3 MB

Download FilesPlus

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