Fid Me

For Nokia Belle/ Nokia Belle FP1/ Nokia Belle FP2

Fid Me is a great app that allows you to store all your fidelity cards and coupons on your phone, so that you won’t have to carry all of them with you. It can scan the cards’ barcodes using the phone camera, but also lets you enter the code manually. And it has many many other features, such as letting you checking-in with NFC in your favourite stores.

This system now works everywhere in France, but it quickly becomes international. This app is really awesome!

FidMe: the application that meets all your loyalty cards in your mobile. This version 3 allows you to centralize your traditional loyalty cards, but cards buffers small businesses. Geographical location, sharing, check-in NFC (mobile compatible), scan barcodes, everything is there!

Nokia Store link:

FidMe website:


  • Your phone may need some components or plugins to run FidMe, so the smart installer would download them. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet before installing.
  • Developer: Snapp’
  • Version 3.0 (30.08.2012)
  • Size: 8 MB

Download FidMe

Download FidMe Installer– online

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