Nokia Sleeping Screen

For Nokia Belle/ Nokia Belle FP1/ Nokia Belle FP2

Nokia Sleeping Screen helps you find out useful information (time, date, battery level, missed calls, new messages) at a single glance thanks to the awesome screensavers it offers. You can choose an existing pattern or create a new screensaver from an image and choose its style. It’s also energy-efficient and doesn’t consume battery at all, taking advantage of your Nokia’s AMOLED display.

Nokia Sleeping Screen makes your phone stand out from the crowd by painting beautifully crafted images on the sleeping screen. It is not only about aesthetics – Nokia Sleeping Screen is highly useful, too. With just a glimpse you’ll be able to see missed calls, unread text messages, and reminders presented with clear icons and animations. Nokia Sleeping Screen gives you an enjoyable view to sleeping phone while it maintains the battery operating time of your phone.

Beta Labs link – You’ll need an account:

Nokia Conversations article:

Nokia Store link:


  • The smart installer requires internet connection. My extracted installer, however, doesn’t.
  • Version 1.14 (14.10.2012)
  • Size: 3 MB

Download Nokia Sleeping Screen

Download Nokia Sleeping Screen Installer– online

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